Reasons and solutions for the breakage of the vibrating screen

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The more likely the linear vibrating screen is to appear in various faults during operation, the cracking of the screen plate and the breakage of the beam after the vibrating screen has been used for a long time, it is necessary to find the “cause” of the problem. During the use of the vibrating screen, the correctness of the operation method and the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance usually avoid the occurrence of the vibration screen failure frequency.
Vibrating screens are designed to bring efficient results to the production process. The selection of the material of the vibrating screen itself; the calculation of the vibrating motor; the selection of the screen; whether the structural design of the fuselage conforms to the work on site, can select high-quality screening equipment with high efficiency and precision. So find out the cause of the failure and try to avoid such time. Here are a few reasons and solutions.
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The cause of the failure: the screen machine caused by the side plate of the screen box is not thick enough or the beam diameter is too small, which can not adapt to the harsh production environment and cracking.

Solution: Find the main force point, strengthen the ribs near the exciter, and install the ribs near the four support feet to strengthen the strength of the screen side panels.

The cause of the failure: the yaw of the vibrating screen causes the sieve plate to crack.

Solution: The unbalance of the support feet, the failure of the shaker or the inconsistent force will cause the screen to crack. Check the blanking situation and periodically measure the height of the support foot damping spring to ensure the balance of the support feet. Regularly screen each part to ensure that the equipment is not faulty, and when lubricating, each of the exciter bearings is quantitatively lubricated to ensure that the resistance of the vibrator in each exciter is generally the same, ensuring that the vibration trajectory is normal.

Cause of failure: The vibrating screen generates resonance, causing cracking failure.

Solution: Improve the vibrating screen surface support ribs, increase the number of intermediate support ribs in the screen, and each one is consistent with the middle one. It has the function of installing fixing bolts, and is pressed by multiple pressure plates to ensure reliable fixing of the screen. , unable to reach resonance.

Cause of failure: Reconstruction measures for equipment failure caused by production load.

Solution: The material is very viscous and difficult to screen, resulting in the proper size of the upper layer material, and the actual load exceeds the rated load of the equipment, causing failure. The inclination angle of the vibrating screen can be appropriately increased to increase the sliding speed under the screen surface and reduce the thickness.

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