Solutions of vibrating screen spindle oil leakage problem

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Vibrating screen is an auxiliary equipment in the production of mines, coal mines, electric power, steel and other industries. It can also be used in chemical, food, building materials, and other industries. The main shaft group is the main component of the vibrating screen, which is mainly assembled from pulleys, balance wheels, eccentric shafts, bearings, bearing housings, and housings. It transmits the rotary motion of the motor to the screen box and converts it into a compound vibration of the screen box.

Due to the longer working time of the vibrating screen and the greater vibration, the torque transmitted by the main shaft is also larger, so the performance requirements of the main shaft bearings are also higher, especially the bearing lubrication must be in place and the lubrication effect is very good. However, in actual operation, many users have encountered the problem of oil leakage from the spindle set, how to solve it?

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Oil leakage of the spindle group

There are two ways to lubricate the spindle bearing: one is to install an oil cup on the bearing seat and lubricate the bearing by manually adding grease; the other is to pour the oil of the full loss system into the closed cavity of the main shaft, and use the full loss system The flow of oil penetrates into the bearing for lubrication.

The first case is to lubricate the bearings manually with grease through the oil cup. Since the grease is a solidified body, if it is to leak, in order to exclude the bearing end cover and the seal ring without any damage and cracks, two conditions must be met. First, the bearing temperature rises sharply, and the grease changes from solid to solid The liquid state increases the fluidity. The second is that the medium in the closed cavity of the main shaft group generates an outward pressure, forcing the liquid grease to squeeze out, forming a leak.

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Ways to solve oil leakage
According to the above analysis of the cause of oil leakage, to solve the oil leakage problem, two points must be achieved: one is to ensure that the main shaft bearing is maintained at a suitable temperature; the other is to eliminate the eccentric shaft eccentric part during the rotation of the medium (air or Full loss system oil). And these two points are complementary, especially the latter has a relatively large impact on the former.

Through practical tests, it is better to fill the oil cup with grease and at the same time pour the full loss system oil into the closed cavity to lubricate the spindle bearings at the same time. On the one hand, the lubricating performance of the grease is good, and it can also block the bearing assembly gap to prevent oil leakage; on the other hand, the fluidity of the oil in the full loss system is good, and the cooling effect is also good, which can ensure that the spindle bearing is in a better job. surroundings.

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