Adjustment of vibration frequency and inclination of vibrating screen

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The excitation force, vibration frequency and screening effect of the dewatering screen are closely related. Too small excitation force will cause poor screening effect, and excessive excitation force may cause damage to the screen plate.How to adjust the vibrating screen.

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1. Control of screening area

The width of the screen surface is the main factor that determines the production rate of the dewatering screen. To ensure the screening effect of the material, the material on the screen surface needs to have an appropriate thickness. When the thickness of the material is constant, the passing capacity of the material mainly depends on the width of the vibrating screen, so the wider the screen surface, the greater the production capacity. However, the width of the vibrating screen should not be too large. If the width is too large, it is difficult to ensure uniform feeding during use; at the same time, structurally, the force of the screen frame will also deteriorate, which will bring difficulties to design and manufacturing. The width series of vibrating screens in my country are generally: 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2m. According to calculations, the economic cost per unit area of ​​the sieve is a 2.4-3.0m wide sieve. The area of ​​the dewatering screen we design and produce for users generally does not exceed this range.

2. Determination of the inclination of the screen surface

The frequency of dewatering screen is often used in coal dewatering, desliming and removing media, because the dewatering screen with linear motion is generally installed horizontally and the inclination angle is zero. At this time, the movement of the material mainly depends on the projectile force that is at a certain angle to the horizontal when the screen surface moves. If a linear sieve is used for classification, the sieve should have an angle with an inclination angle of approximately 5-7°.

3. Control of vibration frequency

Generally, the vibration frequency of the screen is usually between 750~1500 times/min. According to the long-term production experience of the dewatering screen manufacturer of Longzhong Heavy Industry, the frequency is better between 850~1000. The installation engineer will adjust it to the user during the installation process. Vibration frequency.

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