Solution to screen clogging of banana screen

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banana screen for coal screening

In the actual working process of the vibrating banana screen in the coal preparation plant, the screen holes at the end of the banana screen are often blocked by large-sized materials. Therefore, workers need to be arranged next to each vibrating screen to manually clear the screen holes, which not only increases the cost for the enterprise , It is also easy to cause the health of workers to be damaged by dust.

Aiming at the problem that the sieve hole is easy to be blocked, there are many factors related to the sieve hole penetration rate, including the size and structure of the sieve hole, the size and shape of the material, the layout direction of the sieve plate, and the amplitude of the banana sieve, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider these factors and optimize the parameters to achieve the optimal screening rate.

Reduce the drop between the feed end of the sieve machine and the sieve plate. After raising the position of the feeding end of the sieve machine, the inclination angle of the sieve machine is increased, thereby speeding up the initial velocity of the material movement, enhancing the motion inertia, and improving the sieving rate of the material. However, this solution increases the speed of material movement while reducing the time for the material to stay on the screen surface. For small-sized (below 50mm) materials, it will directly enter the material collection funnel, resulting in a decrease in the material’s sieve rate and an increase. The number of times the material is screened.

Optimize mesh size and shape. The sieve surface of the banana sieve is usually made of punched holes, with round holes and capsule-shaped sieve holes. It is basically the sieve plate with circular sieve holes that materials often block the sieve holes. Therefore, changing the shape of the sieve holes and designing elliptical or rectangular sieve holes can effectively improve the material penetration rate through practical operation. However, due to the change of the shape of the sieve hole, a small part of the material with the same shape as the sieve hole will also pass through the sieve, resulting in the waste of some materials and increasing the burden of the subsequent process.

Change the vibration amplitude of the sieve machine. By increasing the amplitude, the conveying speed of the material can be increased, and the sieve holes can be prevented from being blocked by the material staying on the sieve plate for a long time. This scheme can increase the vibration amplitude of the screen machine by increasing the exciting force. However, due to the increased vibration amplitude, the life of the screen machine will be reduced

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