How to Improve the Work Efficiency of Banana Sieve

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(1) Due to the residual stress easily generated by the welded parts and the difficulty in maintenance and disassembly, the structural connections of the banana vibrating screen (including the connection between the beam and the side plate of the frame) are connected by bolts or rivets, and all processed parts are aged at high temperature Handling, releasing the stresses involved in machining, improving the overall stiffness and fatigue properties of the machine.

(2) The main beam and the bracket are integrated to avoid welding the main beam and the bracket, thereby reducing the processing and damage to the ceramic lining on the outside of the bracket, resulting in corrosion and damage.

(3) Since the measurement of the bolt holes is easy to cause the liquid on the material to flow in, and lead to corrosion failure of the bolt holes, thereby reducing the service life of the equipment. Therefore, the sealing plate is used in the design of the banana screen beam, and the bolt holes are reduced. In order to constrain the longitudinal wedge, bolts are fixed on the upper end of the longitudinal beam bracket to achieve the purpose of fixing.

(4) In order to prevent the bolts fixed on the feeding box from producing partial loads on the vibrating screen, the feeding end is designed as an integrated feeding structure on the back of the side plate, especially for large-load banana vibrating screens. Significant.

(5) According to the operating conditions and requirements of the screening machine, the banana vibrating screen needs to be able to flexibly adjust the amplitude and input excitation force. Therefore, by design, the banana vibrating screen is equipped with spherical roller bearings and precision gears, so that the exciter can coordinate the eccentric wheel of the exciter according to the actual situation during work. Since the vibrating banana screen is susceptible to corrosion, the exciter must be well sealed at the matching position to protect the normal use of the vibrating banana screen under harsh working conditions.

(6) In terms of transmission, due to the use of spline connections, wear has occurred and the exciters cannot run synchronously. By configuring the transmission shaft and coupling equipment, the long-term continuous synchronous work of the equipment is guaranteed. Avoid the asynchronous operation of the screening machine, which will cause the vibration to lose stability and cause it to fail to work normally, affecting the normal operation of the enterprise


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