Coal slime dehydration equipment in coal washing plant

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Coal slime dewatering screen is a relatively common mining and metallurgical screening equipment. For the processing of these industries, usually there may be a lot of differences in each processing item, so for the coal slime dewatering screen manufacturers, although the materials for screening and processing are the same, the working principle is the same and the product requirements are the same , but because it acts on different materials, the structure of the equipment used, especially the angle of inclination of the screening angle, is different in many ways.

The use of coal slime dewatering screen

construction site. The fine sand recovered by the dewatering screen is mixed with the coarse sand washed by the sand washing machine, which can improve the gradation of the finished sand and become a medium sand material with a more reasonable fineness modulus, making the construction sand stronger and suitable for construction. It makes the building surface not easy to crack.

Sand washing production line. The dewatering screen is usually used in combination with the sand washing vibrating dewatering screen to form a “sand washing-dehydration-recovery” sand washing system. At the moment when the price of sand and gravel aggregates is increasing, the fine sand in the production line can be recycled through the dewatering screen. Improve the sand and gravel quality and output of the sand washing production line, and help customers increase the actual income of the production line! At the same time, the fine sand recovered through the dewatering screen can also reduce the dredging pressure of the sand field and the sedimentation tank of mining enterprises and reduce the floor area of the sedimentation tank To reduce the pressure on environmental protection equipment in the later stage and create a green beneficiation enterprise that is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and emission-reducing.

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