Elimination of mud pump failure in sludge treatment system

The mud pump is the main component of the sludge treatment system, and it is also a device that is prone to failure. The mud cleaning system contains the mud pump, reservoir; vibrating screen, coarse screen; primary feeding unit; cyclone; medium tank; recoil control valve;  internal circulation protection device. Doing the maintenance work of the mud pump can improve the efficiency of the mud purification system and improve economic benefits.

The following are the treatment methods for common faults of lzzg mud pump


mud pump

Water pump vibration

★ Cause: The pump shaft is not concentric with the diesel engine (or motor), the impeller is unbalanced, and the bearing is damaged.
★ Failure Solution: Adjust the concentricity, the impeller for the balance test, and replace the bearing.

Pump water is slow

★ Reason: The gap between the front liner and the impeller is large, and the outlet pipe cannot seal the air and empty;
★ Failure Solution: Adjust the gap, adjust the water outlet pipe, and install the vacuum pump.

The pump does not absorb water

★ Cause: The water infusion is not enough, the air inside the pump cannot be discharged, the suction pipe leaks and the gap between the front liner and the impeller is large;
★ Original solution: continue to inject water, check the pipeline for air leakage, and adjust the gap between the impeller and the front liner.

Low Water pressure  and small flow

★ Cause: There is air in the pump, the gap between the impeller and the front lining plate is large, the clutch is not closed tightly, and the impeller or lining plate is worn;
★ Failure Solution: Drain the gas inside the pump, adjust the gap to adjust the friction plate gap of the clutch, and replace the impeller or liner.

mud Pump wear fast

★ Reason: The construction environment (large particles) is poor, the transportation distance is long, and the water inlet pipeline is long;
★ Solution: Replace the sand field, add afterburner unit, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.

Impeller journal wear fast

★ Cause: The high-pressure mud pump has low lift head, misaligned packing, and the pump shaft and the back cover are not concentric in the sludge treatment system;
★ Solution: Replace the high-pressure pump above the head of the mud pump, replace the packing, and adjust the concentricity.

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