Iron ore washing process and equipment

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Common iron ore washing process

The commonly used method of ore dressing in iron ore washing plants is gravity separation. The gravity separation method does not pollute the environment and has high ore dressing efficiency. The equipment commonly used in iron ore washing plants includes chutes, shakers, jigs, etc., and the chute processing capacity Large, but the recovery rate is low, and the processing capacity of the shaker is low. The ideal equipment is a jigging machine. There are many types of jigging machines, including sawtooth jigs, side-acting jigs, and sine wave jigs. For the selection of placer gold, after long-term practice summary, the trapezoidal jig machine has outstanding advantages in the selection of placer gold, because the entire working surface of the trapezoidal jig machine is trapezoidal and the feeding place is narrow. The discharge port is wide, and the water flow from narrow to wide has a better recovery effect for fine-particle iron ore sand. In the iron ore washing industry, if you want to get the ideal grade of ore, equipment is very critical.

The crushing process of iron ore washing plant generally uses feeders, first crushing, second crushing, screening, and fine crushing. In the production of chromite ore, jaw crushers are generally used for head crushing, and large-scale production units (especially large-scale foreign mines) use gyratory crushers. Jaw crusher is the most traditional and most stable and reliable coarse crushing equipment with the widest range of applications.

There are generally two types of secondary crushers: fine jaw crusher and cone crusher.

jaw crusher

Fine jaw crushers are generally used in smaller iron ore concentrators, with low equipment value, simple structure, and simple and convenient maintenance. However, the minimum discharge opening of the fine jaw crusher can only be adjusted to 25mm, so the crushing particle size is generally below 40mm. The structure of the cone crusher is more complicated, and the equipment value is higher. However, its output is larger, the crushing particle size is finer, and the wear-resistant parts have a longer service life. Therefore, cone crushers are widely used in relatively large iron ore concentrators. From the production efficiency and cost of chromite ore, the use of cone crushers can effectively reduce production costs. Because the cone crusher can provide a smaller product size, from the overall process, the use of laminated equipment to complete the main crushing task of iron ore is the most economical production method.

The general iron ore dressing plant’s processes are crushing of raw ore, ore grinding, spiral chute selection, spiral chute sweeping and selection, and shaker selection. There are also concentrate dehydration, tailings dehydration and recycling. Iron ore generally has a coarser grain size, and the grinding fineness is about 30 mesh.

spiral washer for iron ore washing

Mineral processing technology in different regions

The chromium ore washing plant in South Africa mainly uses crushers, screening machines, ore washing machines, sorting or heavy-medium beneficiation equipment to process the richer lumps of crystal grain size group.

The Don River chrome ore washing plant in the South Kempirsai mining area of West Kazakhstan, the Soviet Union adopts heavy-medium beneficiation equipment-jig-shaker-grinding-spiral concentrator-strong magnetic separator and other chromite washing equipment to separate ferrochrome mine.

The Chromium Ore Washing Plant in Difens, Oregon, U.S. uses chrome ore washing equipment including shakers, ore washers, dry weak magnetic separators, dry strong magnetic separators and flotation machines to treat the hard-to-dress high iron ore. Seashore placer of chrome ore.

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