Dewatering Screen For Coal, Mud, Sand Dehydrate

coal dewatering screen
  • coal dewatering screen
  • mine tailings dewatering screen

High dewatering ratio, High G-force screen produce drier materials

TS series dewatering screen output lower water content sand, coal, hot sale in the market. It use PU sieve panel, because its long service life and not easily blocked in screening. When processing mineral pulp such as coal, mud or dirt mixed water, steel mesh is easily blocked and adjusting its mesh size will highly reduce its capacity.
It is important for owner to get dry sand directly after washing process, here comes our new type high G-force dewatering vibrating screen. Also we use high-quality PU screen as its sieve, one side you can get fine sand and also dry sand at the same time.
Application: TS dewatering screen is mainly used in mining, construction for coarse or fine sand dehydrate processing. Such as dewatering of coal, sintered ore, slag, ore and ash, dewatering of ore pulp, washing machine for coarse or fine materials. With the advantages of simple structure and easy maintenance, it becomes a hot seller in China.

Working principle

Dewatering screen adopts dual-motor self-synchronization technology. The motors coordinate with universal eccentric and adjustable amplitude vibrator. When the two motors start to work, the vibrators move reversely at the same time. The centrifugal forces is generated by the eccentric blocks will superpose themselves and form a single direction vibration. The high frequency vibration drives the screen move back and forth in line repeatedly. So the sand can be dehydrated and filtered.

Product Features

1. Advanced structure, light weight, high dehydrating ratio with new type vibrating motors.
2. Simple structure, easy maintenance.
3. Cross beam and screen body connect with high strength bolts, no welding and easy to remove and maintenance.
4. Polyurethane screen (PU) high screening ratio, big capacity,long service life and no blocking.
5. Widely used, less replacement parts.

Technical parameters

Model Feed size Capacity Screen Panel Screen Area Power Overall Size
mm t/h mm kw mm
TS0918 ≤10 10-20 900X1800 1.62 0.75X2 1890X1290X1080
TS1224 ≤10 20-40 1200X2400 2.88 2.2X2 2480X1590X1430
TS1230 ≤10 20-40 1200X3000 3.6 2.2X2 3080X1590X1500
TS1530 ≤10 30-60 1500X3000 4.5 3.0X2 3080X1890X1440
TS1536 ≤10 30-60 1500X3600 5.4 3.0X2 3680X1890X1450
TS1842 ≤10 60-80 1800X4200 7.56 5.5X2 4370X2420X2100

Preparation before installation

⒈Check whether the motor label is in accordance with the requirements. ⒉Measure the insulation resistance with a 500-volt megohm meter. The value should be dried for the stator winding. The drying temperature should not exceed 120℃. ⒊Check the fasteners of the motor to prevent loosening. ⒋Check the motor surface for damage and deformation. ⒌Check whether the rotation is flexible, if there is any abnormality, it should be eliminated. ⒍Check the power supply, whether it is lack of phase, and run it without load for 5 minutes. Installation and adjustment ⒈The motor should be fastened on the installation surface, and the installation surface must be smooth and flat. ⒉The motor can be installed horizontally. ⒊The motor lead adopts four-core rubber cable YZ-500V. The lead-out cable is not allowed to fold sharply when connected to the power supply, and it is reliably fixed with the vibrating body. ⒋The motor should have reliable grounding, there is a grounding device in the motor, the lead end has a mark, and it can also be grounded with a firm foot bolt. ⒌Adjustment of excitation force. Equipment maintenance ⒈Before starting ⑴Check whether the coarse and fine nets are damaged ⑵Check whether the transportation support is dismantled. ⒉ At startup (1) Pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise ⑵ Is the current stable? (3) Is there any abnormality in vibration ⒊After use Regularly check the coarse mesh, fine mesh and springs for fatigue and damage. Check whether all parts of the fuselage are damaged due to vibration. The parts that need to be lubricated must be lubricated.

The summary of application knowledge of dewatering screens
Various applications of dewatering screens


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