Large capacity sand classifier parameter

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LXS series sand classifier is a sand washing equipment, which was designed to provide bigger capacity and higher cleaning level than traditional sand classifier. The input materials’ max size can be 30mm.

LZZG Screw Classifier Working Principle

The solid particles are different in size and density, so the settling speed in the liquid is different. The fine ore particles float in the water and overflow. The coarse ore particles sink to the bottom of the tank and are pushed upward by the screw. 

screw sand washer

Technical parameters

Model Feed size Capacity Spiral diameter Number of spirals Tank length Power Dimensions
mm t/h mm mm kw mm
LX0920 ≤10 30-60 920 1 8000 11 8710X1630X2080
LX1120 ≤10 40-80 1120 1 8000 18.5 9230X1840X2130
LX1500 ≤10 50-100 1500 1 8000 22 9620X2230X2480
2LX0920 ≤10 60-120 920X2 2 8000 11X2 8710X2600X2080
2LX 1120 ≤10 80-160 1120X2 2 8000 18.5X2 9230X3050X2130
2LX1500 ≤10 120-250 1500X2 2 8000 22X2 9620X3730X2480

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