Coal gangue beneficiation tailings treatment process flow

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The coal gangue treatment process flow is as follows:

Rough selection: First, the gangue is screened through a vibrating screen or a grinding screen, and divided into larger and smaller parts. Most of the stones are screened out, while the fine particles enter the grinding machine or ball mill for grinding.

Flotation: Mix finely ground coal gangue and chemicals, and then put it into a flotation machine to cause a chemical reaction under the action of the chemicals to separate minerals from impurities. The minerals then settle to the bottom, leaving the impurities floating on top, thereby achieving separation of the minerals.

Selection: After flotation, a series of separation processes are required to obtain relatively pure coal gangue. Sorting processes include manual sorting, X-ray radiation technology, medium and heavy liquid sorting, etc., among which heavy medium sorting is the most commonly used.

Drying: Remove the moisture from the sorted coal gangue, and use a horizontal or vertical dryer to dry it to reduce the moisture content.

Tailings treatment: The coal gangue after sorting and drying is transferred to the tailings dump site for tailings treatment. Tailings are usually treated by covering, soaking, capping and other methods to reduce the impact on the environment.

Comprehensive utilization: After the above process, coal gangue of a certain purity can be obtained, which can be comprehensively utilized, such as the production of building materials, road foundations, cement raw materials, etc.

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