Vibrating screen theory and selection

Vibrating dewatering screen is a popular mechanical equipment in mining industry, which mainly relies on exciting force to screen and dewater materials. We can make a comprehensive judgment based on the specific gravity, cohesiveness, particle size, water content and output when selecting suitable screen. However, if the material characteristics are different, how to get good dewatering effect for different materials?

Regarding the type and model of dewatering screen, it is roughly divided into: common dewatering screen (ordinary motor type) and high frequency dewatering screen (vibration motor type). Therefore, different types of dewatering screens are suitable for materials with different properties.


vibrating screen selection


1. The material that with small water content and large particles should be selected as the  common motor dewatering screen. The advantage is that the excitation force is larger than vibration motor type, which can make large particle materials easily jump through the mesh hole to avoid blockage, so the use of 6-level ordinary motor is very effective. Usually, the coal washing and stone washing industries are used in many industries.


2. The material with large water content and small particles should choose vibrating motor type dewatering screen, and adopt 4 level vibration motor. Because the high frequency and high speed can make materials run in a straight line to avoid bonding phenomenon. And because the particles are small and there is no blockage.


3. The material with high viscosity should be built-in water leaching device. The second rinsing in the second half of dewatering screen can reduce the adhesion of material and increase the washing function to obtain good dewatering effect.


4. In order to maximize the function of dewatering screen, the side plate of 4-stage vibration motor is broken and many complicated phenomena under normal conditions. The reason is that the angle and stress of motor plate are difficult to control, causing various problems. For a number of special materials, the technical stability has made great progress in the mining vibrating screening.


The materials with different characteristics are suitable for different types of dewatering screens, which is mainly to ensure that different materials can obtain good dewatering effect by using different dehydration methods to meet more different users and handling the demand for materials.


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