Indonesia laterite nickel ore deep cone concentrator

The ore preparation process of hydrosmelting is mainly ore washing and chromium removal. The raw ore is mainly low-grade limonite or mixed ore mixed with residual ore, which has the characteristics of high moisture content, high viscosity, and complex process. The washing equipment used in the laterite nickel ore washing process mainly includes roller screens, cylinder washers, cylinder scrubbers, trough washers, etc. However, some mines have begun to add MMD crushing before washing. Machine crushing to reduce wear and tear on the equipment after larger particles enter the ore washing equipment. The chromium removal equipment currently used is mainly hydrocyclone, spiral chute, shaker, etc.

Due to the fine particle size of laterite ore, it is difficult for the material to settle. Therefore, high-efficiency concentrators are generally used for laterite ore slurry concentration. Some mines also use deep cone concentrators for slurry concentration. As high-grade nickel sulfide ore resources are dwindling, the process of processing low-grade nickel laterite ore is the future development direction of nickel smelting.

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