Vehicle-mounted sand washing machine

The vehicle-mounted sand washing machine is a equipment for processing sand and gravel, which is also called vehicle-mounted crusher. It is a complete sand production line. The whole process of this line is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It can be widely used for the processing of different types of ore and construction waste, especially for the processing of scattered sand and gravel. Due to its strong liquidity, the equipment is very popular in the market.


Environmental protection brings many difficulties and opportunities to the manufacturers. If the manufacturers want to improve their own competitiveness, they must constantly update the technology and improve the automation performance and environmental performance of sand washing machine to realize the production standardization and rationalization, in order to continuously seize new market opportunities and needs. The new sand washing machine produced by LZZG has been improved in terms of movement. Now the new mobile sand washing machine has a very convenient replacement scene, and the new sand washing machine has been greatly improved in processing. The amount can reach twice that of the traditional sand washing machine, and the sand body with regular shape can be selected, which is suitable for different buildings. The new sand washing machine adjusts all the important parts and adds the maintenance window, which is more convenient. Maintenance and repair saves the maintenance cost of sand washing machine.


Vehicle-mounted sand washing machine


Why the mobile sand washing machine is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly

1. Exquisite design, better flexibility

The design of vehicle-mounted sand washing machine is very reasonable, each detail is very precise and in place in structure. The operation, closing and folding of the equipment are very flexible, which makes the equipment more flexible.


2. Large available space, high value

The vehicle-mounted sand washing machine has a large space available for processing, and can be widely used for processing pebbles, granite, bluestone, limestone, construction waste, etc. Has wide application and high creation value.


3. Diverse configuration

The vehicle-mounted sand washing machine can be configured as needed, which can achieve coarse crushing and fine crushing production requirements.


4. Low energy consumption, low production costs

The vehicle-mounted sand washing machine has lower power consumption and lower production cost, which can help users save a large cost. The sandstone production line has entered a new mode, giving users a different experience.


5. Thorough environmental protection facilities, pollution-free

The environmentally-friendly and energy-saving washing machine manufacturer LZZG will always be committed to the development of new sand washing machines, and to produce good sand washing equipment for customers.


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