The specific value of tailings dewater screen to metal mine

Tailings dry disharge is process after extracting the valuable materials in ore by beneficiation process, the water content of tailings is as low as 12% by the concentration process, then realized tailings pile for recycling.



What are the specific values of tailings dewatering screen?

1.Tailings recleaning

Recovering valuable components from tailings are important measures to improve resource utilization. However, at present, tailings recleaning has problems such as small scale, backward technology, low recovery rate, high energy consumption and high cost. Due to the lack of unified planning and management, some even cause serious secondary pollution, or cause damage to the safety of tailings ponds. Relatively speaking, the recovery of wastewater by tailings dry discharge process not only improves the resource recovery rate, but also applies to mineral processing and mining, and also brings huge economic benefits to enterprises.


2.Tailings production building materials

The main component of tailings is non-metallic minerals rich in SiO2, Al2O3, CaCO3 and other resources. The solid waste which is dehydrated after tailings dry discharge can produce one or several kinds of building materials through the existing mature process. Some tailings high-value utilization technologies, such as tailings preparation of glass-ceramics, ultra-durable tailings high-strength concrete technology, etc., have made breakthroughs in key technologies and processes, and are expected to become effective technologies for the large-scale utilization of tailings in the future.


3.Filling mine goaf

Backfilling in mine goaf is one of the most effective ways to directly use tailings. Especially for mining enterprises that have no tailings storage, it is of greater environmental and economic significance to use tailings to backfill the goaf. The cement filling mining method is currently a mature technology. The ideal cementation filling method can completely avoid surface subsidence and avoid major damage to the groundwater balance.


4.Tailings pond reclamation

Reclamation of tailings ponds is an important measure to solve the surface desertification of tailings ponds. The reclamation of tailings pond not only prevents the sand from rising, but also beautifies the environment and reduces pollution, and has both economic, social and environmental benefits. The tailings pond reclamation has explored an economical and feasible new way for the management of abandoned tailings ponds in China’s mining enterprises.



The comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste in China is about 60%, while the comprehensive utilization rate of metal tailings is less than 10% on average, which lags behind other bulk solid wastes. For the treatment of metal tailings, dry tailings of tailings have played a role in improving the utilization of metal tailings.


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