The maintainence of bucket sand washing machine

Bucket sand washing machine is also called impeller sand washing machine, which is a common mining machinery. It’s mainly used to wash sand and gravels to remove mud, dust and other impurities to improve sand quality. And wheel sand washing machine must be properly maintained during the long-term work process to extend the service life. LZZG shares the following maintenance measures for the majority of user operators.


bucket sand washing machine


1. It is essential for the maintenance of bearing because bearing is holding all the weight of machine. Usually, the bearing gear, sliding plane should be lubricated and cleaned.

2. Since the newly installed tires are prone to loosening, the operator needs to check them regularly.

3. Pay attention to the regular inspection of the work of various parts of machine.

4. The degree of wear of consumables needs to be checked regularly. It is necessary to replace worn parts at any time in order to reduce production troubles.

5. The undercarriage plane of mobile device should be cleaned in time to prevent the moving bearings from moving on the low frame, so as to avoid serious accidents.

6. If the oil temperature of bearing rises, then it is necessary to stop the inspection immediately and eliminate the factor.

7. When the rotating gear is in the process of operation, the operator should immediately stop the inspection when he hears the impact sound.


Through the above introduction of maintenance measures of wheel washer, many operators improved operation skills, and the production efficiency of machine is also improved.


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