The important role of spiral sand washing machine in sand production line

Spiral sand washing machine is one of the necessary washing equipment in sand making machine production line. It is an important equipment for washing mud powder and stone powder mixed in the sand. The washed sand can improve the clarity and quality of mechanism sand. Installing the sand washing equipment under sand making machine, which can greatly improve the sand washing efficiency.


spiral sand washing machine


The surface of artificial sand is rough, multi-angled, the combination of aggregate and cement is good, and the mechanical biting force is high, so the concrete with artificial sand is stronger than the concrete with natural sand. However, the artificial sand here refers to the artificial sand that meets the building standards, not the artificial sand that has only been broken. In the process of stone processing, will produce a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder due to the intense collision and the stone material itself has a certain soil content. The presence of mud powder will seriously affect the grading of sand.


In order to solve the above problem of amount of powder contains in artificial sand, the spiral sand washing equipment is created, which removes the mud powder in the sand by washing. So that the artificial sand reaches the standard of building sand.


spiral sand washing machine


Working principle
When the spiral sand washing machine is working, the motor drives the impeller to slowly rotate after being decelerated by the V-belt, the speed reducer and the gear, and the sanding material has the feeding trough entering the washing tank, which is driven by the impeller. Roll down and grind each other to remove impurities covering the surface of the sand, and destroy the water vapor layer of the coated sand to facilitate dehydration; At same time, add water to form a strong water flow, and take away impurities and small foreign matter in a timely manner, and from the overflow The washing tank is discharged to complete the cleaning operation.


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