The factors that affecting the screening effect of vibrating screen

In fact, the factors that affecting screening effect of vibratin screen are also have the movement of screen and the working environment. We will analyze in detail the effect of the application of screen surface on screening effect.


The form of screen movement is mainly determined by vibration frequency and amplitude of screen. And vibration form will affect the movement trajectory of material, which in turn affects various stages in the screening process. Since the energy required for material movement is derived from the vibration of screen, so the more intense the vibration of screen surface, the greater the effect on material, the more energy the material obtains, the more intense the interaction between the material particles and screen surface, and the screening better the effect is. On the contrary, if the sieve surface is fixed, the gravity of material close to the inclination of screen surface will fall, and even the stratification of second stage of screening cannot be realized, and the efficiency can be imagined.


vibrating screen design


At present, in the vibration separation equipment, according to the type of sieve surface vibration, it can be divided into the following vibration forms:


1. The circular vibration form, also known as the uniaxial form. It is more common, because this vibration form provides a large vibration frequency, which can provide sufficient energy for material to make material loosely stratified and then sieved.


2. The drum form, also known as two-axis form. This form can not provide the energy of the vertical screen surface of material, which is not conducive to the loose layering of material. But its transport capacity is relatively large, generally suitable for relative loose and relative screen larger particles, and is often used for coarse screening.


3. Elliptical movement. The special feature of this vibration is the fusion of the vibration forms of the former two. The vibration in the long axis direction is mainly used for material conduction in the horizontal direction, which will greatly improve the transmission effect.


In summary, it is the analysis of screen surface movement and the screening effect of vibrating sieve, these are the experiences that have been obtained through our multi-site field observation and operation. I hope that the screening principle of linear sieve is not understood, and the customers who are not efficient are provided with some help.


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