Linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen is a sifter that achieves the purpose of screening by the elastic screen mounted on tilting screen box. It is widely used because the high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, low dynamic load, low power consumption and low noise. The factors that affecting screening effect are not only the materials, but also the process structure, the size of screen panels, the size of sieve holes, etc.


lz linear vibrating screen


The factors that affecting screening effect


1. The width and length of screen

In general, the lateral length of screen can have a large effect on the overall working effect of screening machine. The larger the transverse length, the larger the sieve component; The longitudinal length of the screen has a great influence on the work efficiency. The longer the longitudinal length, the shorter the time taken to process the material. However, due to the limitation of overall design, it is impossible to increase the length in both the lateral direction and the longitudinal direction blindly, and the manufacturer needs to balance the consideration under the premise of mutual influence.


2. The angle of inclination of screen

When the screen is installed at an angle to the horizontal plane, the material on screen panel is easily slipped. The size of tilt angle directly affects its working efficiency. The greater the angle of inclination, the faster the material will move over the screening surface, which will increase the throughput per unit of time. However, this causes the time required for the particles to be sieved to stay on the surface to be greatly reduced, so that the probability of passing through the pores is lowered, which in turn affects the screening effect.


3. The size, shape and distribution of screen holes

If the size of sieve hole is larger, the sieved surface under the area can be separated by a larger amount of material, and the working efficiency is also higher. The size of the screening holes is mainly determined by the working requirements of equipment and the effects to be achieved.


Through the above analysis of the influence of screen structure on screening effect, we can know that there is not only one factor affecting the screening effect, but we need to combine the characteristics of materials to be screened, combined with the equipment itself to choose a way to influence small and fast screening.


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