The difference between dewatering screen and rotary dryer

The finished products always have a certain water content by wet treatment that often be used in the process of mineral and milling production. Moreover, the wet finished products are not easy to transport. More importantly, most of the raw materials must undergo a drying process in order to produce other products. Therefore, dehydration and drying equipment has appeared. One is dewatering screen, and the other is rotary dryer. So what is the difference between the two?


Dryers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but commonly used in the industry are tumble dryers. The working principle of tumble dryer is as follows: motor drives the dryer to rotate at a low speed through the transmission of gear, and the material enters cylinder from inlet of dryer, then is driven by the gravity of material and cylinder of dryer to slowly moved to the discharge port. There is a hot blast stove at the inlet or the bottom of dryer. Hot air generated by the hot blast stove enters from the inlet to make the temperature inside cylinder of dryer reach 700 degrees Celsius, and the material is dried during the process of passing material through the cylinder. The dried material is very dry and basically similar to the flour in house.


lz rotary dryer


Dewatering screen, as its name suggests, is a kind of sieve, which relies on two synchronous vibration motors to drive the eccentric mass to generate high-frequency vibration to make the material on the surface of screen generate dozens of times of centrifugal vibration to drain the moisture from the surface of material. As a dewatering and washing equipment, sand dewatering screen has lots of advantages of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large processing capacity, low power consumption, high washing degree, and stable fine grained products.


dewater screen


The biggest difference is final water contant after processed by these two equipment. The final water content after processed by dewatering screen can down to 12%-15%. However, after processed by rotary dryer is less than 10%. But the costs of dryer is several times than dewatering screen.

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