The cleaning and classification process of spiral sand washing machine

Spiral sand washing machine is one of washing machine products, which can also be called stone washing machine. It is mainly for cleaning and classifying sand to remove the dust impurities and mud attached to sand. Therefore, the working process of spiral sand washing machine can be divided into two parts: cleaning process and classification process.


spiral sand washing machine


Cleaning process

Sand and gravels flow to the feed tank continuously, first entering the cleaning section of spiral sand washing machine. This part is continuously supplied with water from water pipe until the height determined by the last partition. When sand washing machine is turned, sand in the cleaning part will be lifted by the vertical panel, then will be put into water. Along with the tilting of drum, sand will move with sewage along the drum to the other end of spiral sand washer. During the washing process, the sand will be washed several times in the water, which ensures that the product particles are completely removed from the adhered impurities and dissolved in the water. This is part of the cleaning process for the entire spiral sand washing machine.


Classification process

If the size of sand particles is within a certain range, it is discharged from the outer portion of spiral sand washing machine and discharged from the corresponding outlet tank. When the sand  is in the inner sandwich of screen cylinder, it will be subjected to a strong flush of water flow. The fine sand is also discharged from the guide trough together with the sewage. On the contrary, those with larger sand particles cannot pass through the sieve hole, and can only enter the sieve hole along the inner wall of the sand washing machine. Inside the large screen cylinder, it is also screened into the guide trough of the corresponding sand washing machine and exported to the inside of the sand washing machine. For those oversized product granules, the interior of the sand washing device is discharged through a separate guide trough through the tail. Because the screening effect of the spiral sand washing machine is good, users in some areas also call it a spiral classifier.


spiral sand washing machine


After the two-stage process, the quality of finished product is greatly improved and is in compliance with the requirements of relevant industries and machinery. Therefore, LZZG and other washing machine manufacturers are believes that the current sand production line cannot be separated from the sand washing machines.


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