The application of polyurethane mesh in dewatering screen

Polyurethane screen is made of highly wear-resistant polyurethane material with steel wire. The service life is 3-10 times higher than traditional metal mesh. The unique structure and suitable elastic plastic force can not only reduce the jam, but also reduce the sticking due to the high frequency vibration of the second harmonic of screen. The utility model has high practical opening ratio and high screening efficiency in the dewatering screen equipment. The screen can effectively absorb shocks, reduce noise and improve the working environment.


polyurethane screen


Advantages of polyurethane dewatering screen

1. The vibration frequency can be adjusted at any time through inverter to achieve the best dewatering effect.

2. Screen plate is installed at a negative angle to ensure the forced dewatering effect.

3. Good dehydration effect, large screening capacity, high screening efficiency, safe and reliable.


polyurethane dewatering screen


Polyurethane elastomer is a new type of polymer synthetic material between rubber and plastic. It has both high strength of plastic and high elasticity of rubber. Features are as below

1. Wide range of hardness. It still has rubber elongation and resilience at high hardness. The hardness of polyurethane elastomer ranges from shore A10-D80.

2. High strength. Their tear strength and load carrying capacity are much higher than rubber for rubber. At high hardness, its impact strength and bending strength are much higher than plastic.

3. Wear resistant. Its wear resistance is very outstanding, generally in the range of 0.01-0.10 (cm3) / 1.61km, about 3-5 times that of rubber.

4. Oil resistant. The polyurethane elastomer is a highly polar polymer compound which has low affinity with non-polar mineral oil and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and mechanical oil.

5. Good resistance to oxygen and ozone.

6. Excellent vibration absorption performance, can do damping and buffering.

7. Has good low temperature performance.

8. Radiation resistance. Polyurethane is highly resistant to high energy radiation and has satisfactory performance at 10-10 deg radiation dose.


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