Tailings dewatering screen plays an important role in the tailings dry processing

With the continuous development of economy, there have been serious environmental pollution problems. In order to build a good social environment, people’s awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, especially in the tailings industry, sand and gravel industry.

The corresponding environmental protection measures have been taken, like adopts tailings dewatering screen. The appearance of tailings dewatering screens has improved the environment and is a product catalyzed by the times.


tailings dewatering screen


Tailing dewatering screen play a vital role in tailings processing line. Due to its good dewatering effect and high efficiency, it is used more and more in tailings. The tailings contain a lot of water, which will affect the transportation and quality when weather is cold. Tailings screen can dehydrate the tailings to achieve the effect of dry tailings and reduce environmental pollution. It is the first choice for realizing green mines.

The successful application of tailings dewater screen can not only improve the safety and reliability of existing tailings dam body, extend the service life of tailings warehouse in active service, and solve the long-term storage problem of tailings.


tailings dewatering screen


The application of tailings dewatering screen on tailings

1. Solve the problems of environmental pollution, safety hazards and occupation of large amounts of land caused by tailings discharged.

2. Cost savings. The discharged water can be fully recycled and used to improve the recycling of tailings resources;

3. The innovative equipment, technology and process used in tailings dry process, which opens up new avenues for tailings stacking and integrated treatment of goafs.

4. Less investment and greater efficiency. After adopting the tailings dewatering screens, which saves investment in fixed assets, saves funds for safe treatment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and maintenance costs for tailings ponds.

After sieving, the solid content can reach more than 85%, some coarse sand tailings can reach more than 90%.


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