Some ways for improving the efficiency of spiral washer

The main function of spiral washer in sand production lines and construction sites is to clean sand and gravel materials. In addition to the cleaning work, it also has a function that is screening. The spiral sand washing machine can not only clean the dirt in sand and gravel materials, but also grading the sandstone materials.


spiral washer


Mud content of sand and gravel materials is the main factor affecting the performance of sand washing machine. The influencing factor is mainly reflected in the mud content of material affecting the viscosity of slurry. The high mud content, the greater viscosity of slurry, the sedimentation speed of mineral particles in tank will be slower, and the efficiency will be lower. On the contrary, the low mud content, the smaller viscosity, the sedimentation speed of ore particles is faster, and the efficiency will be higher. In order to improve the efficiency, we can take the measures of increase the water volume or de-sludge treatment to reduce the concentration of slurry, so that spiral sand washing machine can perform better in the process of treating sand and gravel.


Density and shape of sand and gravel materials are the major factors affecting the performance of spiral sand washer. Under same conditions, the density of material is smaller, the viscosity of slurry is larger, and the granularity of finished material is coarser. The higher density, the opposite. In general production process of sand production line, the flat material is slower than sedimentation speed of original material. Therefore, we should pay attention to these details in mining sand washing, in order to make the spiral sand washing machine better play its superior performance.


The size of groove inclination is also an essential factor affecting the efficiency of spiral sand washing machine. The inclination angle of slot of spiral sand washing machine determines the settlement area of material in sand washing machine and the stirring degree of spiral blade to slurry, which seriously affects the quality of finished material. The smaller inclination of sand washing machine, the larger sedimentation area of material, the particle size of finished material will be smaller. The larger inclination, the opposite.


The above is some methods that LZZG summarized for users to improve efficiency of spiral sand washing machine in use. Hope that users can better summarize the operating experience during use process and do a good job of spiral sand washing machine.


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