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Is the second-hand coal washing plant reliable?

second-hand coal washing plant

Many users have plans to buy second-hand coal washing plants in order to save money. Second-hand washing equipment has a little advantage in price, but some of the used equipment are not guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales. You must choose a good quality coal washing machine manufacturer, which can save maintenance costs. Save a lot of trouble.

Production capacity

Because of the obsolescence of the coal washing plant, it is impossible to meet the daily use standards in terms of production capacity. If the previous users did not do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance, it would easily cause problems in the process of putting the equipment into production after buying it back. Maintenance not only affects the use, but also increases the investment cost of the users of the sand washing machine.

After sales service

In the later use failure, I have to talk about the after-sales problem of the coal washing machine. Unlike the coal washing machine manufacturer, the person who sells the second-hand coal washing equipment cannot guarantee the after-sales problem of your machine, and the performance and technology of the mechanical equipment. It is also relatively old, so the problems that occur during the use of the machine need to be solved by itself. And you don’t know the daily use of the equipment, so this should also be considered.

The first thing to meet in order to establish a sand washing production line is the demand for production. If the sand and stone raw materials cannot be provided to the users in time, the hard-won customers will be lost to a certain extent, so it is worth keeping in mind that this sentence is worth paying attention to. On the contrary, the choice of high-quality coal washing machine manufacturers can not only buy high-quality coal washing plants but also get perfect after-sales service, and the use of machinery and equipment is also a guarantee.

When buying a second-hand sand washing machine, you must have patience, choose a few suppliers to compare, do not covet cheap. Hope that users who need coal washing machine pay attention to LZZG sand and gravel washing equipment.

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