Sand washing machine capacity

Wheel sand washing machine is also known as bucket sand washing machine, which is cleaned and classified by using the sedimentation of materials during the operation of impeller in the tank of sanding machine.It is the more advanced aggregate washing machine, and can be divided into single impeller sand washing machine and double impellers sand washing machine. It is mostly used in beneficiation industry and sand production line. Then how much is the production capacity of wheel washing machine?


Sand washing machine capacity


1. Capacity and sandstone properties

The production capacity of wheel washing machine is relate to sandstone properties. Sandstone properties include the hardness, mud content and particle size of sandstone material. Such as the unevenness and inconsistency of sandstone may affect the processing capacity of sand washing equipment, and the weight density of sand material directly determines the working efficiency of washing equipment. Therefore, when applying this type of sand washing machine on the sand production line or other fields, it is necessary to understand the viscosity of sand stone, which can improve the production capacity of wheel washing machine.


 2. Wheel washing machine production capacity and operation process

There is a treatment tank inside the wheel washing machine. By increasing the overflow height of the sand material or reducing the inclination angle, the processing area of the mechanical equipment can be increased, and the working efficiency and productivity of the wheel washing machine can be improved. The adjustment of the sand equipment treatment tank is related to the screening particle size of the sand washing machine. Another point is that the operation adjustment of the wheel washing machine can also affect the working efficiency of the wheel washing machine, and the washing machine can be washed from this aspect. Sand machine production capacity is adjusted.


3. Bucket sand washing machine production capacity and equipment specifications

This is a positive correlation. The specifications of the wheel washing machine are large, and the production capacity is generally large. Of course, the investment is also more.


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