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The design of multi-functional sand washing machine is mainly highlights two major themes of environmental protection and energy conservation. Multi-function sand washing machine is composed of a spiral sand washing machine, an impeller sand washing machine, a dewatering screen and cyclone. And the functions include sand washing, fine sand recovery, dehydration and dewatering, concentration and classification, etc., which can effectively remove sand impurities and get clean, high quality sandstone aggregate with low moisture content.


multi-functional sand washing machine


Why design multi-functional sand washing machine?

Since most customers currently use wet sand making, so sand washing machine is indispensable and very important. However, the equipment currently used more is impeller sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine or other types of sand washing machine. However, the function of these sand washing machines is onefold, and there are great disadvantages such as unclean sand, poor sand, serious sand loss, low sand production, and poor economic efficiency. Longzhong specializes in the research and development of sand washing machinery for many years. Facing the shortcomings of sand washing machine on the market, Longzhong has optimized and improved the structure of sand washing machine based on the previous production of sand washing machine. Environmentally-friendly multi-functional sand washing machine, these equipment can make up for the drawbacks of washing sand washing machine, effectively control the loss of fine sand, improve sand and output, let you walk in the forefront of washing sand production line!


Performance characteristics

This equipment has unparalleled efficacy and cost performance. The technology is ahead of the world-class level. The sand washing rate of DS series is up to 98% (100 tons of sand convertible 98 tons of finished products).


Working principle

The gravel material is firstly graded and filtered by screening equipment. Then the qualified product flows into sand screw washer through flow channel, and is fully cleaned, soaked and broken by screw mixer (for larger muddy and extra-large effect). Muddy water is discharged into desander cyclone to concentrate and grading. Then fine and coarse sand enter wheel sand washing machine for cleaning and dehydration. The muddy water is discharged into the second-stage separation device for concentration and classification. The fine sand and coarse sand are simultaneously entered into dewatering device and dewatered under the high-frequency vibration motor. Finally, the finished product is transported by conveyor belt to form stock piles.


multi-functional sand washing machine in stock


The significance of environmental protection multi-functional sand washing machine

Longzhong environmental protection multi-functional sand washing machine replaces the old sand washing equipment for sand production line, which will increase the efficiency and output of sand making line for large sand making customers, and meet the high sanding standards of the infrastructure. And in today’s energy-saving and environmental protection situation, the environmentally-friendly multi-functional sand washing machine will help sand-making customers in dominant position competition in the competition, and move to the forefront of  sand processing industry! So at present, customers at home and abroad have abandoned traditional washing, and updated the new sand washing machine to change the current situation of low production, low efficiency, serious pollution and make sand production line develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection.


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