Mud purification system

Mud purification machine is a system for outputing the mud water formed by soiled sand during piling construction and separating into sand and recyclable mud. The use of this system is beneficial to control mud performance, enhance quality and work efficiency, and improve mud recycling. It not only saves costs, but also reduces mud discharge and environmental pollution.


mud purification system


1. Requirements for mud treatment results

In order to maintain the performance of slurry pump, reduce the wear and reduce the resistance of pipes, the basic characteristics of slurry are as follows: liquid specific gravity: 1.10 to 1.25; viscosity: funnel viscosity 16 to 30; sand content: 5% or less.


2. Requirements for reliability of mud treatment system

Mud treatment system is an important guarantee for the normal excavation of rotary drilling. The treatment system is foolproof in the construction of rotary drilling and is 100% reliable. The reliability of this processing system is mainly manifested in several aspects:

(1) Reliability of the overall design, that is, the timeliness of slurry treatment and adaptability of slurry quality;

(2) Rich configuration of processing power, including standby functions of equipment;

(3) Reliability of the performance, quality, and service life of equipment itself;


3. The significance of mud purification system

The well-equipped mud purification and recovery system is a kind of mud treatment method, which is widely used in non-excavation and traverse construction in recent years. It refers to a mud recycling process in which the waste slurry is sent to the recovery system of mud purifier for recycling and de-sludge treatment. On this basis, the reuse of mud is realized, and the amount of mud is effectively controlled to achieve the treatment effect.


4. Implementation effect

(1) It can meet the normal driving ability of rotary drilling rig and improve the production efficiency.

(2) The mud quality after treatment is high, and the sand content is <5%, which prolongs the service life of equipment and improves economic benefits.

(3) Since the moisture content of soil sand after treatment is less than 20%, the discharge amount is greatly reduced. It is convenient to transportation, and the environmental pollution caused by mud discharge problem is avoided, which is conducive to environmental protection.


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