How to deal with quartz sand flotation waste cement slurry, what equipment is needed?

How to deal with quartz sand flotation waste cement slurry, what equipment is needed?

The flotation method and plan of the comprehensive mining facility flotation machine in quartz sand are as follows:

It is composed of quartz pumice, quartzite and vein quartz in the work. Quartz pumice is a consolidated clastic rock layer with a quartz crumb content of over 95%. It originates from various families of pulp, accumulation and metamorphic rocks, with less heavy minerals, accompanied by minerals such as sharp stones, mica and soil. mineral. There are two kinds of internal factors and internal factors of quartzite accumulation. The boundary between front-end debris particles and cement is not obvious. The latter refers to the quartzite ore with deep horizontal and pure purity. The vein quartz is composed of hydrothermal action, which is composed entirely of quartz and has a compact block structure. Waste cement slurry system, mud cleaning system.

Before the quartz sand flotation, the normal demand to stop scrubbing, de-sludge, or use a shaker, magnetic separator and other methods in addition to iron-containing minerals, and then stop the flotation, before the flotation, first vigorously stir in the concentrated slurry, to wipe The alumina mulch film in the name of quartz is removed, and then the iron-bearing mineral is floated with the grease acid collector, and the cargo in the tank is quartz concentrate.

The composition of quartz sand is simpler. In addition to iron ore, there are often mica, sharp stones and clay minerals. According to the composition, the assembly line of quartz sand flotation can be divided into the following eight types.

(1) First floating mica re-floats the first floating stone of iron ore. Firstly, the pH of the slurry is adjusted to 3 to 4 with sulfuric acid, the mica is floated with an amine collector, and then the pH of the slurry is adjusted to 4 to 5 with phosphoric acid. The sulfonated fossil oil is used as a collector to float the iron ore. Initially, fluorine is used. The hydrogen acid is mobilized to a pH of 2 to 3, and an amine is used as a collector to float the sharp stone. Quartz is produced in the form of tailings.

(2) The second stop of floating iron ore, mica and sharp stones. The second of the collectors used is the sulfonated fossil group oil-amine-amine.

(3) First floating iron ore after the production of iron ore, the tailings are quartz concentrate. It is used in quartz sand with low mica content.

(4) Only iron ore is floated, and the tailings obtained are quartz concentrates. Use tall oil as a collector and transfer the pH to 8-9 with baking soda. After flotation of iron ore, the tailings are quartz. In the absence of mica and sharp stones in the ore, or if the ore contains few sharp stones, there is no benefit when using this easy line.

(5) When there are more sharp stones in the quartz sand, the pH of the slurry is transferred to 7-8 with the grease as the collector. After the flotation of the iron ore, the hydrofluoric acid and the amine flotation are sharpened, initially in the slurry. When the pH is 7-8, the amine is used as a collector to float quartz.

(6) Transfer the pH of the slurry to 7-8, stop the flotation of the iron ore with the sulfonated fossil oil, and then float the quartz with the amine when the pulp pH is 7-8. This plan is used in the case where there is no sharp stone in the drug substance, or it is in a small amount and there is no excess combination.

(7) Using amine as a collector, mixing flotation quartz and sharp stone, mixing with concentrate and adding hydrofluoric acid and amine flotation sharp stone, tailings are quartz fine.

(8) Stop the combination of sharp rock and quartz flotation after the production of floating iron ore. It is used in quartz sand with high iron content.

quartz sand flotation  slurry process equipment

Lzzg mud treatment system adopts new waste slurry treatment equipment to directly decompose the mud into clear water and dry mud block while ensuring construction efficiency. The treated clean water can be recycled; the mud block can be directly used for greening and reuse. During the whole construction period, the tanker trucks that transported the mud for secondary discharge were not used, so that the source was stopped, the mud discharge problem was solved instantaneously, the mud was polluted to the urban water body, the mud discharge was realized, and the ecology was provided for urban construction. Environmental protection, green new concept. Moreover, the cost of using the construction process and equipment is also slightly lower than that of the mud.

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