How to solve the noise problem of reducer in sand washing machine?

The reducer belongs to the reduction transmission device. It used in sand washing machine is mainly to reduce rotation speed, increase torque. To ensure the uniform rotation of wheel type sand washing machine impeller, and drive the sand and gravel to be cleaned in the cabin.



During the operation of sand washing machine, it is normal to produce sound due to friction with sand and the like, but the noise of speed reducer is problematic. The method to solve the noise of reducer is as follows:

Reducer noise has become an important research topic in the industry. Many scholars regard the change of gear tooth stiffness in gear transmission as the main factor of gear dynamic load, oscillation and noise. Use the shaping method to reduce dynamic load and speed to a small value to reach the intention of falling noise. This approach has proven to be a more useful approach in practice. However, with this method, there is a need for reshaping equipment on the process, and the majority of small and medium-sized factories are often unable to implement it. So what should I do?



It is necessary to ensure that the distance between reducer and impeller of sand washing machine should be as small as possible without affecting the normal working conditions, and the value as best is 5-10 mm. The speed reducer and sand washing machine impeller are connected. The speed reducer is directly set on the working machine spindle. When speed reducer is running, the counter torque acting on speed reducer body is mounted on the counter-torque bracket of the speed reducer body or by Other ways to balance.


Proper installation of the reducer is an important means to ensure the normal operation of sand washing machine.


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