How to maintain the rotating shaft of screw sand washing mahcine when demaged?

Screw sand washing machine is a common washing device used to clean sand. The rotating shaft is one of the main accessories of screw sand washer machine, which is generally made of thick-walled seamless steel pipe. The quality of rotating shaft affects the operation of whole screw sand washing equipment. So how to repair when rotating shaft is damaged?


screw sand washing equipment


Before the shaft is damaged, there are certain signs. When the rolling bearing of spiral sand washing machine lacks oil, the bearing steel ring broken, and bearing mixed with sand and other impurities or the bearing parts are slightly worn, the slight noise is generated.


When the above situation occurs, should check the bearing rolling elements, the inner and outer steel rings firstly to ensure whether have damage, rust and scars or not. Then hold the inner ring of bearing by hand and flatten the bearing. Push the outer ring with the other hand. If the bearing is good, the outer steel ring should rotate smoothly. There is no vibration and obvious stagnation during the rotation. The outer steel ring does not reverse. Otherwise the bearing is no longer usable.


screw sand washing equipment


How to repair when rotating shaft is demaged?


1.Rotating shaft is bent

It is needed to be repaired according to the degree of bending if the shaft is bent. It can be repaired directly by polishing the journal and slip ring. If the degree of bending is more than 0.2mm, the shaft can be placed under the press. At the point of pressure correction, the surface of shaft after correction is polished by a lathe; if the degree of bending is too large, the new shaft needs to be replaced.


2.Journal is wear

When the wear of journal is not large, a layer of chrome can be plated on journal; when there is more wear, can be welded on journal and then polished on the window.


In order to ensure machine can work normally, it must be repaired in time when the rotating shaft of screw sand washing equipment is demaged. Otherwise it will affect work efficiency and output. At the same time, should be paid to the repair and maintenance of other accessories of spiral sand washing machines.


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