Low noise energy saving drum screen for sale

Drum screen mainly consists of motor, reducer drum device, frame, sealing cover, and inlet and outlet. The main structure is screening cylinder, which is a screen composed of a plurality of annular flat steels and inclined with ground plane. The shifting cylinder is rotated at a certain speed by variable speed deceleration system, so materials are separated from top to bottom.


low energy cost drum screen for sale


Application range of drum screens

1. For grading different size stones and gravels, and separating soil and stone powder in sandstone field.
2. For for the separating lump coal and coal powder and coal washing in coal industry (part of coal washing machinery).
3. For classifying large and small blocks and separating powdery substances in chemical industry, mineral processing industry.

Working principle

The motor and roller unit are coupled together by a coupling that drives the drum unit to rotate about its axis. After the material enters roller device, due to the tilting and rotation of roller device, the material on sieve surface is turned over and rolled, so that the qualified material (the product under the sieve) is discharged through the screen of outer circle, and the unqualified material (the product on the sieve) ) is discharged through the end of the drum. Due to the turning and rolling of material in the drum, material stuck in screen hole can be ejected to prevent the screen hole from being clogged. The principle structure of drum sander, the drum screener and drum screen is almost the same, and there is a difference in people’s understanding and calling.

Outstanding advantages


1. Configurate cleaning device
Drum screen is configurated with a comb-type cleaning mechanism, which is relatively move with
screening cylinder to achieves the uninterrupted cleaning effect of sieve. Therefore, the screening cylinder is always clean, no block and non-sticky throughout the whole working process.

2. Wide application, can be customized
Good screening effect, stable operation, high reliability, and less investment. And various specifications an models can be customized according to the actual situation of different users.

3. Low noise, high efficiency and environmental protection
A new design concept is accepted, so there is not much noise during the operation. In addition, the dust pollution is less, the screening efficiency is high.

4. Small installation angle and good screening effect
The finished screen has a small inclination angle and a special screen, which guarantees machine has high screening efficiency and long service life. It is mainly used for the classification of powdery materials. During the operation, the screening effect is good and the production efficiency is high.


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