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Dewatering hydrocyclone advantages

Dewatering hydro-cyclone is specially developed based on wet sand processing plants, which combines the high-efficiency cyclone grading technology with high-efficiency vibration dehydration technology to achieve efficient recovery and dewatering of fine sand. It not only enriches the grading of fine sand, but also reduces the pollution caused by the discharge of fine sand, in addition increases the profits for users. Therefore, the application of dewatering cyclones is a multi-pronged thing. Today we will talk about the advantages of using dewatering cyclones.


lzzg hydrocyclone using for separating fine sands


Imagine if there is no dewater cyclone, to relying on manual recycling, not only work efficiency is low, but also labor costs are high. However, it is a pity that the loss of fine sand and economic benefits if don’t recycle the fine sand. Therefore, the use of a more efficient sand recovery device instead of labor not only liberates productivity, but also accelerates the development of the entire industry, and can contribute to the country’s economic development.


dewatering cyclones


Dewatering cyclone features and advantages

1. In the conventional sand wet processing process, the spiral sand washing machine or bucket sand washing machine are adopted to washing and dewatering sand. But both of these sand washing equipment realize the separation of mud and sand all under gravity conditions, and the classification efficiency is low, the fine sand (generally 0.15mm or less) is serious loss, which not only reduces the production of valuable products, but also causes the sand fineness modulus to be coarse. Therefore, the dewatering hydro cyclone is generally necessary to improve the processing capacity and balance fineness modulus. And can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand and control it within 5-10%, which is a good solution for aggregate processing.

2. The wear-resistant polyurethane screen is equipped to dewatering screen, which has the characteristics of high opening ratio and strong water permeability, no blocking, longer service life than other types of screens, waterproof parts are sprayed on the water-passing parts.

3. Cyclones are lined with wear-resistant materials, the ceramics and polyurethane screen can be selected according to the feeding material.

4. 95% of the fine particles can be recycled, with unparalleled technical and economic advantages.

5. The fine particles are fully recovered, which can be directly transported and supplied to the market. This reduces the natural stacking time, reduces the workload of the water treatment system or sedimentation tank such as the concentrated filter press, and reduces the cleaning cost of the sedimentation tank.

6. The core of the dewatering cyclone machine is the hydro cyclone, which is a device that uses the centrifugal force field to strengthen particle grading. The grading granularity is fine and the degumming efficiency is high. And combine dewatering screen can realize the recovery and drying of fine sand. According to the different requirements of users, the corresponding solutions can be designed.

7. The dewater cyclones has been continuously tested and inspected, so the performance is stable, the frequency of failures during use is very low, and it can create value for people for a long time.


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