Detailed introduction of polyurethane dewatering screen plate

The polyurethane dewatering plate is a high molecular elastic plate. This plate can not only greatly prolong service life, and reduce noise. It is widely used for washing, grading and dewatering operations in mining, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

polyurethane dewatering screen plate

The shape of of the polyurethane dewatering plate hole are: comb teeth, square holes, long holes, round holes and strip slits.

polyurethane dewatering screen plate

Features of polyurethane dewatering plate

1. Strong wear resistance

Since the production material of polyurethane screen belongs to high molecular organic elastomer, the material are specially treated to ensure that it does not delaminate under long-term load. The polyurethane itself has very high elasticity, high strength absorption impact and high wear resistance. Its service life is 3 times that of the stainless steel sieve surface and 3.9 times that of the natural rubber. It is the screen material with good wear resistance.

2. High screening degrees

The polyurethane screen used in the dewatering screen is mainly produced by mold casting, with accurate aperture and high screening quality. Suitable for any type of screening machine, light weight and easy to install.

3. High screening efficiency

The screen surface of polyurethane screen has a strong self-cleaning performance. And it is not easy to cause the phenomenon of plugging in the process of recovering fine sand. Since the water permeability of the polyurethane is strong and the taper angle of the mesh hole is large, the adhesion of the wet material can be effectively prevented, and the smooth operation of the fine sand recovery work is ensured.

4. Low investment cost

Although the price of the polyurethane screen is higher than that of the metal screen, but the factors such as screening efficiency, maintenance cost, and service life are comprehensively compared. We will find that the overall benefit of polyurethane screen is much larger than the ordinary metal screen. This indirectly reduces the investment cost for users and increases the economic benefits.


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