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The circular vibrating sieve refers to the vibrating body of the screen machine, that is, the screen box has an inertial vibrating screen with a circular motion locus, and the vibrating screen is also called a single-axis vibrating screen. The circular vibrating screen usually has a multi-layer structure and is widely used for dry and wet classification of various granular and small bulk solid materials in coal, mining, electric power, building materials, light industry, and chemical industries.

How does circular vibrating sieve work?

The working principle of the circular vibrating screen/sieve is that after the sieve machine is started, the vibrating screen of the sieve machine drives the vibrating screen box to perform the directional jumping movement together. During this period, the material smaller than the pore size of the screen surface falls through the sieve hole to the lower layer, which becomes the undersize material, larger than the sieve. The material with the surface pore diameter is discharged from the discharge port after continuous jump movement. The screening work is finally completed. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the circular vibrating screen, the screen surface is generally inclined (the inclination angle is 15-25 degrees).
Three deck circular vibrating screen
It can be seen from the structure and working principle of the circular vibrating screen that the direction of rotation of the exciter has two directions of rotation in the forward flow direction and in the counter-flow direction with respect to the flow direction. Obviously, when the exciter rotates in the downstream direction, the material running speed is increased, the production capacity can be increased, but the screening efficiency is decreased; when the exciter is rotated in the countercurrent direction, the material running speed is reduced, the production capacity is decreased, but the screening is performed. to raise efficiency. In view of this, in the actual screening operation, we can choose between the production capacity and the screening efficiency according to the specific questions and needs.

Features of LZZG vibrating screen

1. Vibrating screen YA is of double decks to four decks whose moving track is round.

2. The moving track of material is very long; the size of the material can be separated into several specifications.

3. It adopts a cylinder style inspiring vibrator device and eccentric shaft to adjust. It has the features of reliable structure, strong vibrating generation, high screening efficiency, low noise, easy maintenance, safe performance, etc.

4. It is widely used in separating gravel and is also suitable for mining, construction material, transportation, energy, chemical industry and so on.

Vibrating screen structure diagram

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