Can stone powder be cleaned with sand washer?

Stone is an indispensable raw material in construction industry, and a large amount of stone powder is produced during the process of collecting and processing stone. Stone powder is a good construction material, which is more solid than river sand. So stone powder is also much in demand in the market.


stone powder washing machine


Advantages of stone powder

1. The texture of stone powder is not only hard, but also almost contains no mud. So it is an ideal construction sand.

2. Due to the rough surface and strong grip strength, so stone powder has an incomparable bond strength compared with river sand. The concrete or plaster mortar with stone powder has much higher compressive strength, tensile strength and shear strength than the river sand configured products.

3. Cheap price, the price of stone powder is about 30% lower than river sand through the investigation of some areas.

4. Collecting river sand will destroy the riverbed to result in an imbalance in the ecological balance of river bank.

5. The sand grade of stone powder is reasonable.


Stone powder washing machine features:

The large amount of stone powder produced by stone factory cannot be effectively utilized, which is a great waste for stone processing manufacturers. LZZG actively responds to market demand and manufactures stone powder sand washing machine that can effectively clean stone powder. LZZG stone powder sand washing machine can clean the stone sand thoroughly at one time to make waste profitable, so that the stone powder sand can be safely used for engineering construction.


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