Calcite mine tailings sand production project officially put into operation

Recently, the machine-made sand project of Nanzhang Guotou Leigongjian mining area officially started and put into production.

tailings making sand plant

Leigongjian Mine is located in Donggong Town and belongs to the calcium stone mine of Xiangyang Xingfa Group Company. Previously, the abandoned tailings of this mine were not effectively used, and there was illegal mining. Since the start of the county’s mine remediation action, the County Construction Investment Group has actively stepped in and reached a cooperation with Xiangyang Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd. by adopting the method of overall asset acquisition and labor subcontracting to effectively utilize abandoned tailings and carry out machine-made sand production. . After it is put into operation, it is expected to produce 400,000 tons of machine-made sand per year, with an output value of 18 million yuan and a profit and tax of 540,000 yuan.

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