Vibrating screen for insulation mortar process

Insulation mortar is a kind of ready-mixed dry powder mortar made of various lightweight materials as aggregate, cement as cement, mixed with some modified additives, and stirred by the production enterprise. It is mainly used for thermal insulation of external walls of buildings, and has the advantages of convenient construction and good durability.

linear sieving machine

Insulation sand production line process

Insulation sand passes through the feeding machine-belt conveyor-dryer-screening machine-belt conveyor-storage bin-weighing and bagging

Vibrating screen for insulation sand production line

According to the material characteristics of insulation sand and the user’s output requirements, screening purpose, space size and other needs, in this production line, we recommend the use of linear vibrating screen to complete the screening work of insulation sand.

Insulation sand is transferred to the dryer through the feeding machine and conveyor, and then passed the linear vibrating screen to classify the qualified products to the storage silo, and then weighed and bagged to obtain the desired finished product.

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