Granular white sugar raw salt linear screening machine

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White sugar is the most widely used sugar in daily life. It contains more than 95% of sucrose crystals. It has a lower moisture content than soft white sugar and larger crystal particles. It is made through refining and bleaching. It is a commonly used condiment and the most commonly used condiment. As a sweetener, the “sugar” referred to in daily life usually refers to white sugar.

Sugar process flow

Raw material collection
Clean and break
Refined and concentrated
dry screening
Separation and crystallization (division of honey)
evaporation crystallization
Product packaging

How to choose the corresponding screening equipment

You need to understand the purpose of screening, mainly as follows:

1. Impurity removal: The white sugar coming out of the dryer contains many lumps, powdered sugar and other ingredients. In order to ensure product quality, it needs to be screened.

2. Classification: The size of the white sugar crystals after impurity removal is different, and the particle size of the white sugar needs to be classified. Generally, white sugar is divided into four grades: refined, premium, first-grade and second-grade according to the grade particle size.

trommel screen for solid-waste processing

Multi-stage screening of granular salt, white sugar, machine-made sand and natural sand. The mesh size of screening is 0.6mm~5mm. The output is 1~10t per hour.

There are many types of screening machines to choose from for sugar screening. The customer has used linear screens, swing screens, air flow screens, and rotary vibrating screens on site. Depending on the mesh size, output, and accuracy requirements of the screening, the selected machine models are different.

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