Hydrocyclone mud desander for drilling solid control

The LZZG high-efficiency sand removal cyclone is mainly used in the operations of drilling, pile driving, tunnel propulsion, continuous wall operation and other projects for the removal of sand and purification of circulating mud and waste mud, and the removal of mud to reduce viscosity. The typical application of solid-liquid separation is the solid-liquid separation of drilling fluid in the process of oil drilling. The cyclone used to separate the solid phase particles in the drilling fluid can be divided into sand removers according to the diameter. There are three categories of desilter and micro cyclone.

High efficiency high capacity hydrocyclone mud desander

FX350 Hydrocyclone mud desander

1 Sand remover

A cyclone with a diameter of 150 to 300 mm is called a sand remover. When the working pressure is 0.2MPa, the processing capacity of a single cyclone is 20 ~ 120m3 / h and the separation particle size is 40 ~ 74μm. In the design and use of the model, its rated capacity should be 125% of the maximum displacement of the drilling fluid.

FX200 Hydrocyclone mud desander

2 Desilter

hydrocyclone mud desander with diameters of 100mm and 125mm are called desilters. When the working pressure is 0.2MPa, the processing capacity of a single cyclone is 10 ~ 15m3 / h. Under normal operation, the desilter can remove 95% of the drills larger than 40μm. Cuttings and 50% of drill cuttings larger than 15μm, and can simultaneously remove barite from 12 to 13μm, so it can not be used to deal with heavy drilling fluid. In the design and selection of the use, the amount of treatment should be the maximum displacement of drilling fluid 125% ~ 150%

3 Mini cyclone

The cyclone with a diameter of 50mm is called a micro cyclone. When the working pressure is 0.2MPa, the processing capacity of a single cyclone is not less than 5m3 / h, and its separation particle size is 5 ~ 10μm. It is mainly used to treat non-heavy drilling fluid. Remove ultrafine particles

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