Cost saving gravel washing trommel for quarry

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The gravel washing trommel screen mainly consists of a motor, a reducer, a trommel set, a frame, a sealing cover, and an inlet and outlet. The rotary screen assembly is mounted obliquely on the frame, and the motor is coupled to the rotary screen through the coupling through the reducer to drive the trommel assembly to rotate about its axis.

gravel trommel washing and screening plant

Scope of application

1. The stone yard is used for the classification of large and small stones and the separation of soil and stone powder.
2. It is used for sand and gravel separation in sand and gravel factories.
3. Components of coal washing machinery
4. The chemical industry and beneficiation industry are used for the classification of large and small blocks and separation of powdery substances.

Maintenance of gravel drum screen

1. The screen is a fragile part of the drum screen, which requires users to check it frequently. If the screen is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time. Due to the sieving of materials, if some materials are relatively dusty, users need to check the bearing parts in time and fill them with lubricant in order to reduce the resistance of equipment operation and the wear of bearings. After using it for a certain period of time, check whether the reducer is short of oil and fill it with lubricant in time to avoid component wear.
2. During the use of the drum sieve, it should be noted that when feeding, the material should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the sand and stone sieving and cause the motor to be overloaded. Prevent excessive impact on the screen and shorten the life of the screen.
3. After each use of the gravel drum sieve, it is necessary to confirm that the material in the machine is empty before turning off the machine to prevent material deposition from blocking the screen hole.

Technical parameter of Trommel Screen

Model Sceen size (m) Angle (°) Rotational speed (r/min) Mesh size (mm) Max feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
GT1030 φ1.0*3.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-100 4 1300 4500*1358*2336
GT1040 φ1.0*4.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-100 4 1500 5500*1458*2336
GT1230 φ1.2*3.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-150 5.5 1500 4500*1585*2478
GT1240 φ1.2*4.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-150 5.5 1700 5500*1685*2478
GT1540 φ1.5*4.0 6 17 5-15 ≤40 30-200 7.5 2500 5800*2100*4400
GT1560 φ1.5*6.0 6 17 5-15 ≤40 30-200 11 2700 6800*2200*4400
GT1860 φ1.8*6.0 6 11 5-15 ≤40 30-250 18.5 5010 8486*2100*4673
GT2160 φ2.1*6.0 6 10 5-15 ≤40 30-250 22 6360 8486*2500*5000
GT2460 φ2.4*6.0 6 9 5-15 ≤40 30-300 22 7000 8486*2860*5200
GT2480 φ2.4*8.0 6 8 5-15 ≤40 30-300 22 7500 8700*2860*5700


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