Use clean coal desliming screen to improve coal washing efficiency

The increase in clean coal is the core growth point of the company’s coal washing and efficiency. On the basis of the existing coal washing process, they conducted a two-way study on the washing rate of coal washing and the output rate of clean coal, and analyzed the lower limit of the desludged particle size of fine coal before washing and the influence on the product after washing. Through setting parameters and repeated practice, they optimized and adjusted the parameters of the desliming screen, effectively avoiding the excess quality of the product after washing, and increasing the yield by 1 to 2%.

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In addition, combined with the characteristics of coal quality, the company has formulated a two-stage product washing plan for fine coal, which mixes Chinese coal products and fine coal products, and directly realizes the increase in clean coal while ensuring the calorific value and market price. the amount. The product class implements the coarse slime sorting process. They analyze the minimum ash content of the raw coal and accurately control when the raw coal is lower than the parameter. This reduces the amount of coarse slime sorting machine input and realizes it again on the basis of ensuring product quality Increased the increase in clean coal.

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“From the perspective of the market situation, the current large and medium lump coal are less profitable. Combining this guidance, we have implemented different levels of lump coal in the main coal flow system of the underground coal production, screening workshop, and main washing workshop. For crushing, set precise crushing parameters, and adjust the product structure in a planned way.” Yu Jitu said. After crushing and backwashing large lumps of coal, and combining the price difference of different products, the product structure is optimized and adjusted to further increase the product value.

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