Method of circular vibrating screen to improve accuracy and output

How to solve the problem that the accuracy of the circular vibrating screen decreases and the output decreases after a long time of  working.

If the screening accuracy is not up to the requirements

This problem is frequently encountered by many users. Because the accuracy of materials affects product quality, it ranks first in common faults. The main reasons that affect the screening accuracy are insufficient mesh number, insufficient screen tension, screen damage, insufficient excitation force, insufficient length and so on.

For the above problems, the measures that can be taken are:

1 Replace the corresponding screens and use regular screens to achieve accuracy standards;

2 The tension of the screen is not enough, you can use a special installation tool or a professional installation machine to achieve the ideal tension;

3 Once the screen is damaged, it should be shut down and replaced immediately;

4 Insufficient motor excitation force can also cause insufficient screening accuracy. Reasonable adjustment of motor excitation force can effectively improve screening accuracy;

5 The length of the screen determines the screening progress, and a reasonable increase in the length of the screen surface is also an effective method to improve the accuracy of the screening.

circular vibrating screen for sand washing

If the output does not meet the production requirements

The factors that affect the output include the wrong screen model, insufficient motor power, and unreasonable screen selection.

The measures that can be taken for these problems are:

1 The screening diameter determines the output and quality, so a reasonable increase in the diameter of the screen surface can effectively increase the output;

2 Different types of vibrating screens use different vibration motors. If the motor equipped with the screen is not matched, it will affect the output. If you find this problem, please replace the motor in time;

3 The higher the mesh number of the screen, the better the screening accuracy, and the higher the screening accuracy will affect the output, so a reasonable increase in the opening rate can effectively increase the output

Circular vibrating scree high capacity

large capacity vibrating screen for sale. Aiming at the difficulty of low production capacity and low screening efficiency of traditional vibrating screens, the self-researched banana-shaped vibrating screen patented technology and multi-segment screen surface advanced structure are used to create a new type of banana screen with a wide screen surface and a screening area. Big. Significantly improve the production capacity and screening efficiency.

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