Aggregate and sand making process without waste in limestone mine

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The use of more efficient mining washing equipment can make the utilization rate of limestone mine resources reach more than 90%. The following recommends a limestone sand and powder production line equipment matching plan.

limestone sand making plant design

Solutions for comprehensive utilization of limestone mines



1. Maximum utilization of ore: products include aggregate, machine-made sand, stone powder, and fine stone powder. If there are powder milling equipment, it is recommended to mine the surface rock first, and use the dust to wipe wall powder, and then in normal production, it can fully reduce the mud content of machine-made sand.

2. The system is a dry production process, and the produced aggregates have low moisture content of machine-made sand (generally less than 2%). There is no need to configure a dehydration device like the wet production process. The finished sand can only be used after 48 hours of natural stacking , Can reduce the storage capacity of finished sand, will not freeze in cold season, and can produce continuously throughout the year;

3. The content of stone powder in the finished product of machine-made sand can be steplessly adjusted by a special separator, with high sand production rate, fineness modulus in line with medium sand standards, and stone powder content to meet the requirements of hydropower engineering standards and urban construction standards, and the strength of the concrete made Higher. The fine powder can be recovered by dust removal and powder separator, and can be used for subgrade cushion or as raw material of slag brick;

4. There is little or no water in the production process, which reduces the water extraction and sewage treatment equipment in the wet production process. The production site is small, the investment is small, and the operation and management personnel are small. It is easy to centralized operation and control, realizes automatic management, and has low operating costs. The low moisture content in the raw materials is good for screening, and the sand formation rate is high (usually around 50%);

5. Since water resources are not used or used in a small amount, it is not affected by drought and cold seasons, and can produce continuously throughout the year;

6. Save a lot of precious water resources;

7. According to actual experience, as long as the content of the source soil and organic matter is controlled in a specific area, even if the powder selection equipment is not used, the produced sand can meet the requirements of hydraulic and urban construction standards.


1. The surface of the aggregate and machine-made sand produced is not as clean as that produced by the wet method, and the surface feel is poor;

2. The vertical sand making machine is a high-speed rotating equipment, which generates a lot of dust during the working process. In addition, dust is easily generated at the vibrating screen and conveying equipment. The equipment is closed and the requirements for dust removal are strict, especially in dry and windy seasons or areas , The dust pollution is more serious.

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