Working principle of coal flotation machine

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1. The adjustment of pulp and the addition of flotation reagent

The purpose is to cause the difference in mineral surface properties, that is, to change the wettability of the mineral surface and adjust the selectivity of the mineral surface, so that some mineral particles can be attached to the air-saturation, while others cannot be attached to the bubbles.

2. Stir and cause a lot of bubbles
With the aid of the aeration and stirring effect of the flotation machine, the air in the slurry is dispersed and a large number of bubbles are formed, or the air dissolved in the slurry is caused to form a micro-saturated precipitation.

3. Mineralization of bubbles

The ore particles are selectively attached to the bubbles, which is the basic behavior in the flotation process.

4. the formation and scraping of the mineralized foam layer

Mineralized bubbles rise from the lower part of the flotation tank to the pulp surface to form a mineralized saturated foam layer. Useful minerals are enriched in the foam and scraped out to become a concentrate (medium ore) product. The non-target minerals are left in the flotation cell to achieve the purpose of separation. Generally, the minerals floated in flotation operations are useful minerals. Such a flotation process is called positive flotation. Conversely, if the minerals that float are gangue, it is called reverse flotation (or reverse flotation).

The flotation process is a more complicated ore processing process, and its influencing factors can be divided into unadjustable factors (the nature of the raw ore and the quality of the production water) and adjustable factors (flotation process, grinding fineness, pulp concentration, pulp pH, Flotation reagent system).

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