Large drum type coal grading screen

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The trommel screen has many advantages such as simple structure, large workload, durability, low cost and convenient maintenance.

drum coal separation machine

The power connector of the octagonal drum screening machine for large coal grading screen should be firm and reliable, with good insulation and correct grounding. Press the control button of the motor during the no-load test run, and check that the direction of the motor should be consistent with the direction shown on the circular trommel screen; start the equipment to run for 4-6 hours, and observe the operation of the trommel screen. Find out the cause and troubleshoot. When the screening machine is running smoothly, start the feeding and discharging equipment and carry out the feeding test;

Coal trommel installation and adjustment

(1) The machine level deviation requirement is not more than 1mm/m;

(2) Other objects are not allowed to be erected in all the equipment of the equipment, so as not to affect the strength and rigidity of the equipment;

(3) After the installation is completed, the installation tools should be removed, and foreign objects are not allowed to remain inside and outside the screen cylinder;

(4) All fasteners of the equipment should be fastened firmly and reliably, without loosening, and installed and adjusted properly. After further confirmation, the no-load test can be carried out.

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