Operation method of coal gangue trommel screen

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A shaftless trommel is a special trommel that does not have a traditional shaft. Compared with the shafted trommel screen, it has higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and simpler structure. Shaftless trommel screens are usually used to screen light materials such as pulverized coal, granular minerals and granular chemical raw materials.

The working principle of the shaftless trommel screen is based on the principle of dynamics. The material enters the shaftless drum, and then is driven by the rotating drum to generate its own centrifugal force, so that smaller particles and powder are separated on the surface of the drum.

Coal gangue particle size grading screen Shaftless drum sieve During operation, particles and powders rotate in the drum, smaller particles form dispersed agglomerates on the drum surface, and larger particles form accumulations inside the drum. Since the shaftless drum has no traditional shaft, it saves energy and maintains efficient screening throughout the screening process.

Operation method of coal vibrating screen:

1. Choose a suitable site to lay the equipment flat. First, confirm that the foundation has sufficient strength (harden with concrete if necessary) to ensure that the equipment can work normally and safely;

2. Check whether the bolts in each part are loose and whether the operating parts are abnormal;

3. Turn on the power and check whether the motor and various transmission parts are working normally;

4. No-load test run, check the temperature rise of the motor and transmission parts and whether there is any abnormal noise;

5. After the test run is normal, you can start feeding work. Observe whether the output is normal. After the belt is normal, close the sealing isolation cover. You should first open the belt conveyor, and then open the drum sieve. The feeding at the feeding port should be uniform and not excessive; No material leakage and dust.

6. It is strictly forbidden to start with load forcibly, and the materials on the conveyor should be unloaded before stopping after each shift.

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