What kind of sand can be used as raw material for chips?

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quartz sand

The industrial application of quartz is closely related to the purity of SiO2. High-purity quartz with SiO2 content ≥99.99%, which is selected, processed and purified from natural crystal, quartzite, vein quartz, etc., is the raw material for preparing high-end quartz products and is the high-end product of the silicon industry. The material basis of the product is the key basic material essential for the production of semiconductors, photovoltaics, electronic information and electric light sources.

Quartz products are one of the key auxiliary materials for semiconductors. They run through the entire manufacturing process of semiconductor products, from the production of polysilicon, to silicon wafer molding, to oxidation, photolithography, etching, diffusion and other links, which require the participation of a large number of quartz products. . The agency believes that the long-term improvement of the semiconductor industry coupled with the rapid growth of the photovoltaic market, coupled with the great potential for improving the conversion efficiency of N-type monocrystalline cells, is expected to become the next generation mainstream technology route, which will further open up the demand for high-purity quartz sand.

It is reported that in chip production, quartz is used for wafer etching. As the etching requirements of advanced processes increase, the demand for quartz has further increased.

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