The most commonly used raw materials for machine-made sand

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Natural sand is a regional material, which is very restricted by resources and transportation conditions and cannot be widely circulated. The artificial sand can be made of artificial sand using local raw materials through sand making equipment to make up for the shortage of natural sand and the need for engineering construction. So, what specific rocks can be used as raw materials for artificial sand?

The relationship between sand properties and raw materials

There are many raw materials that can be used for artificial sand making, such as granite, basalt, river pebble, limestone, andesite, rhyolite, diorite, diabase, sandstone, etc. Artificial sand made from different rocks has strength and grain size There are differences in the above, and the corresponding uses will be different.

1. Sandstone

sand stone for sand making plant

Quartz has a high content and is widely used in sand and gravel production lines, and the problem of stone powder must be solved in production.

2. Quartz sandstone
Quartz sandstone is a high-quality raw material for sand making, which can reach or even outperform natural sand in terms of strength and grain size.

3. River pebbles

river pebble

River pebble is also a high-quality sand-making raw material, and it is the best choice to replace natural sand in terms of strength, grain shape and color.

4. Limestone
In the sand and gravel production line, it can be used as the raw material of sand and stone at the same time, and the stone powder can be reused.

5. Basalt
Sand made of basalt mixed in concrete can reduce the weight of the concrete, but it is still very strong, and has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation. It is a good aggregate for lightweight concrete in high-rise buildings.

6. Granite


Granite with high quartz content and low sulfide content is a high-quality raw material for sand making, but the problem of powder must be solved.

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