Recycling the water in aggregate washing plant

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In the sand washing and aggregate washing process, wastewater generated by the quarrying industry will cause serious pollution to the environment. Sand washing equipment with a water recycling system can reuse 90% of aggregate washing water it is becoming more and more important for sand and gravel plants.

The thickener is a continuous working concentration and clarification equipment, which is mainly used for dewatering of fine and tailings slurry in wet beneficiation operation and is also widely used for the concentration of solid slurry in coal, steel, chemical industry, building materials, water source, sewage treatment, etc. And purification.

Product Features
Automatic cleaning, automatic discharge slurry, solve manual operation
Adopting the working principle of suspension filtration, media adsorption and settling, no purification membrane, no wearing parts
Made of qualified carbon steel (or stainless steel, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.), with good strength and corrosion resistance
Low flocculant using cost, big capacity, high efficiency, stable performance
Small volume, small floor space, easy installation
Service life is 10-15 years, low investment, remarkable economic benefit.
The purified water can totally reach to the national standard of discharge and can be recycled.

On the basis of the traditional sedimentation equipment, the structure of the internal feed cylinder has been improved, which greatly improves the efficiency of sedimentation. The tank body is circular, and the suspended matter settles into the conical sludge bucket at the bottom of the tank under the action of gravity. The clarified water is discharged from the overflow weir around the upper end of the pool. The overflow outlet is equipped with a scum filter and baffle to ensure the quality of the effluent.

The sand washing plant includes tail water purification equipment, solid waste dry discharge equipment, through the distribution wheel, sludge thickening tank, and box-type filter press. The equipment is improved and only a small amount of manual operation is required, which can realize the treatment and recycling of sewage, Improve the efficiency of water use.

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